Happy Hounds Dog Walking, Crowborough – Branding Photoshoot

Meet Nat, the face behind Happy Hounds Dog Walking and find out about how I met her expectations in creating a set of branding images.

I was really excited to meet Nat of Happy Hounds Dog Walking, Crowborough last week for a branding shoot to create some new images for her website and social media. Dog walking is big
business these days as people juggle work commitments with the joys of having a dog. It seems everyone and his dog is looking for a dog walker!

Read on to find out more about what makes Happy Hounds Dog Walking so special.

What services can Happy Hounds offer a dog owner?

Nat: “The services I provide are solo walks of half hour and hour slots, group walks which are always an hour long and puppy visits for those people that get pups but also need to work or go out for a period of time when the pup needs a toilet and play break.

I also offer small animal visits so when people go away on holiday they don’t have to unsettle their small pets by sending them out of their own environment. I’ll come in to feed, water, clean up and play with them.

All in all I offer all my clients the comfort in the knowledge that their pets are going to be happy, loved and well cared for.”

What types of places do you usually walk and where do your dogs come from?

Usual walks will be on Ashdown forest, but I regularly go to the woods of Rotherfield and Eridge too. I like to change up the scene for everyone.

How long would an average dog walk last?

All my walks tend to be an hour although I have a couple of half hour slots to break the day up for a couple of dogs that aren’t suited to groups just yet.

How many dogs do you walk at any one time? What happens if a dog isn’t good off the lead? Could you still walk him?

For my group walks I stick to 5 dogs. This is a well managed amount so each dog gets at least 5 minutes of solo time with me if they want it.

I walk multiple dogs from the same household if this is best suited for them. I have a couple of dogs in my group walks who are unable to come off the lead due to poor recall or managing the amount of exercise they are doing, this isn’t a problem. All dogs start on the lead when we first meet to build a bond and I establish that they will return to me when asked. I use long lines when the group is small so the dogs with poor recall can run about more and we can practise recall.

Tell us a little about your Happy Hound van

My van I like to think is a well organised van with clean towels to wipe the dogs down with, endless spare leads and all the essential emergency kit for any scary moments.

It’s crated with different sized crates so when we travel each dog has their own crate to be comfortable and have their own space. On the back door I’ve fitted my washer for after those muddy walks, each dog can get a wash off before heading back home.

Who’s your favourite customer?

Haha I can’t say I have ‘a’ favourite, I love all my happy hounds, I definitely have a bigger bond with the ones I’ve had longest. They are all special to me, regularly making me laugh with their own little quirks.

How far in advance do people need to book with you?

I work week to week so the weekend before people let me know any changes or additions they want and need, which I do my best to accommodate. I can also cater for last minute walks for those people who find they have to stay late at work or plans have changed and the dog needs walking or feeding. I have a 24hr cancellation policy so if a walk needs cancelling as long as it’s before the 24 hrs there’s no charge.

What would you say makes you different from all the other dog walkers?

My high energy and passion for all the dogs. I regularly go to the gym before starting my day so I’d say I am fit and this reflects in my walks, I regularly join in the game of chase and on my group walks we cover a fair distance within the hour.

Why did you decide to have a branding shoot with Nic? Did it meet your expectations?

Because I wanted high quality professional photos to use for my website and advertisements.

Nic far outdid my expectations, she really took the time to understand what I wanted/needed and helped me work out what photos to go for to get a true feel of my business.

In just 10 words describe the essence of your business.

Fun filled energetic walks full of love and passion.

Happy Hounds can be found at:

Nic is an award winning portrait photographer cover Sussex, Kent and Surrey. She shoots both headshots and “days in the life of” style images for your small business websites and social media.
She is also a family, children and dog photographer. Find out more about her commercial and branding photography here.