Why You Should Choose An Award Winning Photographer

My journey to recognition

Over the last year I have been working really hard to get professional recognition for my work as a photographer and I am really pleased to say that it has been paying dividends!

Why does it matter to you whether you choose a professional photographer who has an award to their name? The simple answer is anyone can call themselves a photographer and there are thousands of them out there to choose from, each one trying to shout louder than the rest.

How should you decide who to go for? Taking time to consider a photographer who has some awards to their name helps to guide you in choosing someone who has been recognised by a professional photography organisation as producing work that is not only of a professional standard, but as you go up through the awards, something a little bit special. This type of image will stand the test of time and look beautiful on your wall for years to come. You should also take a look at their portfolio to see if they display the types of images that excite and attract you. Could you see these images at your home? A selection of my work can be found at: https://nicbissekerphotography.co.uk/

I am a member of the Guild of Photographers, one of the few professional photography organisations in the UK. The images that I submit to them are looked at by a panel of highly experienced Judges and graded in relation to international judging criteria. These judges zoom into my images at 100 percent to check for errors. This is important because if you choose large pieces of wall art from me you want them to be immaculate.

The judges are looking for images with impact – those that have a strong expression or purpose and hold the viewer’s interest. They are also looking that are well composed and created without distractions. The strongest images need to show that the light is controlled and they are lit to ‘good effect’. They must be in perfect focus, well exposed and show, in their editing, excellent attention to detail. Photographers like myself who have trained hard hope that we are given a ‘graded’ status which means that our pictures are deemed of a professional standard. For a medal award you must go above and beyond professional.

I have been granted some lovely Bronze awards for all of my images displayed on this page – a bronze is given for : “Images of a strong standard at national competition level –(something to be proud of)”. I am thrilled to have achieved this and am working towards the very hard to come by Silver award in the near future.

Please click here to view a selection of my award-winning images.

Nic Bisseker Photography is a baby, children, family, adult, commercial and dog photographer in South East England. I have a home studio based in Dormansland (near East Grinstead), but I can also be booked for outdoor photoshoots across Sussex, Surrey and Kent. My home studio works best for younger children and baby photo sessions, leaving the great outdoors for older children, families and dogs.

Please click on the logo below for details of my Guild listing for the South East. As with other Guilds in the UK, by being a member I am showing my commitment to their standards and professional code of conduct; I must behave professionally, treating my clients with due care and fulfilling my contracts with them in accordance with English law, whilst respecting the reputation of the Guild.