How to cool down my dog on a hot day

How to keep my dog cool in hot weather?

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It’s taken its time here in the UK to finally arrive, but we at last have some beautiful warm weather to enjoy!

When the temperatures rise so quickly however, the question of how to ensure our pets are safe in the heat requires attention, particularly when so many dogs seem to have an affection with sun-bathing!


Dogs are not very efficient at cooling down – as we know they sweat through their noses and their tongues, but of course most wear big coats we wouldn’t dream of keeping on when the mercury peaks! They also of course often still love to run and may find themselves in trouble before they realise.

Other than the obvious tips of avoiding the hot times of the day for walking, especially on pavements, sticking to shady areas possibly with water, not leaving them in cars for any period of time even with the windows down, I have put together a little shopping list so you can quickly order any Cooling Dog Products your pet needs.

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When you go out and about with your dog don’t forget to take some water.

Even just taking one of their own bowls and asking for water when you’re out will be goo. In secure fields there is often access to a hosepipe and it makes such a difference if you have your bowl with you.  We’ve also used Poop bags as an emergency, filling them with water for our dogs to lap from.

If you’re on holiday or moving around for the day these options are perfect:

This is a great bottle with an easy drinking cap for even the fussiest dogs!

Dog water bottle with large drinking cap

This collapsible bowl is also very good but we’ve always found them harder to keep clean.

Collapsible dog drinking bowl

Nic Bisseker photographer puppy photoshoot kent


Some dogs love playing in water and a doggy paddling pool can be great for the garden or the beach. We’ve tried the specific dog ones but found them tricky to clean like all paddling pools.  In the end we opted for a kids’ plastic sandpit – much cheaper and easier to look after.  Our dogs don’t often go in it anymore, but they love to have it to drink from outside.  Don’t forget to change the water regularly!

Plastic paddling pool great for cooling dogs down


These are so simple and can be made yourselves. Perhaps get your children involved as a fun summertime activity. Battersea have a simple recipe on their website with some fruit and vegetable suggestions.

Battersea Doggy Ice Lolly Recipe

Nic Bisseker Photography Dog photographer East Grinstead


These are ideal for dogs to cool down quickly and if you are wondering how they will fit in the fridge – they won’t and they don’t even need to be chilled!   They work by absorbing the heat from your dog.  We’ve never tried one of these for our dogs using cool tiles and a large fan indoors instead but I think they are a great idea for those that like to be in the garden. I’d love to hear your experiences with these.

Dog cooling mat

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Made out of a special fabric that absorbs water efficiently doggy bandanas are a great idea and are particularly good when you’re out and about for example at a summer fayre and need to keep refreshing it as the day goes on.   There are a huge variety available – I’d love to hear about some of your favourite designs.

Cooling dog bandana

Nic BIsseker photography keeping dogs cool in the sun


Apparently dogs are more likely to struggle with sunburn if they have white coats. Noses and ears obviously are more susceptible, but also tummies if they sleep on their backs.  I didn’t realise it but some human sun cream can be harmful to dogs so I have researched a number of different suntan lotions specifically for pets across the different price ranges.  In the main you’re looking for an SPF that is free of zinc oxide, PABA and fragrance.

Dermoscent Pet Suntan lotion

Petkin Dog Sunscreen Spray

Pet Sunscreen Wipes

Emmys Pet sunscreen


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Nic is a multi-award winning, fully qualified portrait photographer with the Master Photography Association (“MPA” Her qualification dog images won the best Licentiate panel in the UK for 2020 (MPA) and she has recently been awarded Finalist in the Southern Region MPA Pet Portraits.   Nic is a very experienced doggy owner but she is not a Vet.  Please consult your Doggy Health Practitioner should you be concerned with your dog’s health in anyway.  Nic has no affiliation with any of the products mentioned above.