Holiday Photoshoots

Large family photoshoots in Sussex, Surrey and Kent

Are you holidaying in this country with family or friends? My holiday photoshoots are just perfect for extended family gatherings. Make the most of the long summer days and the memories created when you pull together multi generations of family.

How they work?

Holiday cottages, houses and oasts especially in Kent and Sussex tend to have beautiful grounds we can make the most of. I bring a variety of stools and ladders for the more stylised portrait groups and you can also have some more informal shots added to the session if you would like. I am experienced in handling large groups and children to achieve the perfect relaxed, but posed images ready to hang on your walls for years to come.

Large family photoshoots

The images in this blog were taken in the grounds of Finchcocks Oast and Merrieweathers House both in Mayfield, East Sussex.

It is ideal to book your photographer when you book your cottage or holiday home to ensure availability. We talk well in advance about the shots you would like to achieve and I send plenty of advice on the types of clothes to pack in your suitcase to ensure you all look fantastic together.

As the weather can be unpredictable it is useful to have a couple of days pencilled in. Ideally we will shoot towards the end of the day during the summer months where the light is softer and I keep closely in contact to plan the day ahead.

Wall art

If there is time I ideally plan with you to return to the holiday cottage before you leave so that you have an opportunity to view your images as a group on my large screen. I bring with me my wall art frame samples so that by the time you leave all family members have an opportunity to order something they love for their walls. Memories of your holiday will stay with you for much longer when they are remembered in print.

How to book

Please contact Nic at for a chat about your requirements.